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  1. Nouvelle fonctionnalité sur le MMORPG Black Desert Online, il est possible de séduire des personnages -- prévus à cet effet -- et former un couple au bout de la romance. Afficher l’article complet
  2. The Black Desert Online forum has a new notice to inform the community about a new wave of bans and to put hackers on notice that more frequent bans will be coming. The current wave of bans "go after not only people that are actively using 3rd party software but also historic cheaters" the post reads. Afficher l’article complet
  3. The Black Desert Online site has been updated with a new post to let players know that they can now "date an NPC". The process is simple. Players simply need to check out the 15 available bachelors and bachelorettes and begin to "build amity" by choosing to give them presents. The process can be accelerated by using Marketplace-registrable items up to 50M Silver. When the Amity level reaches 1,000, it's time for the big confession of affection. But wait! That's not all! Afficher l’article complet
  4. Annoncé l'année dernière durant l'E3 2017 et réitéré cette année à l'occasion de l'E3 2018, le portage de Black Desert sur Xbox One est confirmé -- la bêta est repoussée à l'automne prochain, mais les inscriptions sont ouvertes. Afficher l’article complet
  5. Pearl Abyss announced that the Black Desert Online XBox One beta will be taking place in Fall 2018. The trailer said that BDO would be coming to XBox One as a "console launch exclusive". Afficher l’article complet
  6. Depuis quelques semaines, les joueurs de Black Desert se plaignent d'une recrudescence de la triche. Pearl Abyss et Kakao Games promettent des mesures : 738 joueurs ont déjà été bannis et d'autres doivent suivre. Afficher l’article complet
  7. Earlier today, we reported on the rising discontent in the Black Desert Online community with regard to the Hystria hack and other programs allowing some players to gain advantage over others. In a new post on the BDO forum, Kakao developers have written that "we've been working to identify those malicious players to execute a thorough ban wave". Over 700 accounts have been banned permanently. Afficher l’article complet
  8. The Black Desert Online community is in an uproar over the seemingly endless rise in hacking and bot use in the game. "Players have been complaining for nearly 2 years now and Kakao, the publisher, haven't budged at all whilst the number of hackers/botters increases" our tipster wrote. "We even have cases of users who have been speed hacking for 6 months with multiple reports still being able to play the game". Afficher l’article complet
  9. After today's Black Desert Online maintenance is complete, the Lahn class will have received her Awakening. She will be equipped with a pair of chained swords called the Crimson Glaives that can perform devastating ranged attacks or she can use a new skill called Soul Raid that allows her to pull enemies to her for melee combat. The Lahn will also be able to quickly switch between pre-Awakened and Awakened forms. Afficher l’article complet
  10. Selon les comptes de Pearl Abyss, Black Desert Online et Black Desert Mobile sont des succès commerciaux. Le studio lève 2,6 millions d'euros pour les redistribuer à ses salariés sous forme de primes exceptionnelles. Afficher l’article complet
  11. Black Desert Online has been updated to bring the new Lahn Absolute Skills on board. In addition, the Valencia Hunt-a-Thon has started and will run through June 13th. Players will need to find and defeat several types of critters in order to get hold of trophies and participation rewards. The BDO team also has a small gift for players in appreciation for their patience with recent class balance updates. Afficher l’article complet
  12. The Black Desert Online Twitter (and forum) have been updated with the news that the new Lahn class is now available in the game. She brings "aerial acrobatics and fast-paced combat" to players who choose to play her. Players can take part in the Lahn Level-up Challenge from today through May 13th. In addition to the Lahn, players can look for additional changes to all classes and are asked to provide feedback to the team. Afficher l’article complet
  13. Waiting on the next cool game can be a little frustrating. Red Thomas tried a few in the last week and had some thoughts about why Black Desert Online remains a very viable game for sating gamers during the periodic digital dry spells. Afficher l’article complet
  14. Kakao Games has sent word that the Lahn class has been added to the Black Desert Online character creation tool and will be available after maintenance is complete. This means that players can customize the look of their character and be ready to hit the ground running when the Lahn launches into BDO on May 23rd. Afficher l’article complet
  15. Kakao Games has announced that the Lahn class will be released into Black Desert Online on May 23rd. The Lahn is a martial arts specialist that uses the Crescent Pendulum as her main hand weapon, while her off-hand weapon is the Noble Sword. To celebrate today's announcement, Kakao released a new trailer showcasing the Lahn. Afficher l’article complet