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  1. En septembre dernier, la version occidentale de Black Desert Online ouvrait les portes de la contrée de Kamasylvia. Dès demain, la deuxième partie de la mise à jour (intégrant la capitale Grána) sera déployée à son tour. Afficher l’article complet
  2. Pearl Abyss has really blown the lid off the mobile version of Black Desert Online this week. The latest trailer shows off flashy action combat from several of the game's classes including Witch, Valkyrie, Warrior, Ranger and Berserker. Afficher l’article complet
  3. Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have released a terrific new overview trailer for the Black Desert Online content expansion, Kamasylvia Part 2. The new addition will be launching on Wednesday, November 15th and will provide players with even more background regarding the relationship between the Ranger and the Dark Knight. Afficher l’article complet
  4. The Black Desert Mobile game is shaping up nicely, no less than in character customization. In a new trailer, the team behind the game showed off deep customization including most of the options that are available in the online version of Black Desert. This includes eyes, skin color, body type, and much more. Afficher l’article complet
  5. The Black Desert Mobile game is shaping up nicely, no less than in character customization. In a new trailer, the team behind the game showed off deep customization including most of the options that are available in the online version of Black Desert. This includes eyes, skin color, body type, and much more. Afficher l’article complet
  6. Black Desert Online will soon be visited by two new world bosses. Bosses will have specific spawn locations and will show up every Saturday just to steal your rest from you. Each requires "high skill and determination to beat" and a group effort is pretty much a necessity. But nothing means business more than a special cannon that can be "derived" from Vype Stoner in Heidel. Afficher l’article complet
  7. Thanks to WNxbadboy 3, we now know that Black Desert Online is now available in two more regions. Both the SEA version and the Thai version have launched, each with its own official website and more. Afficher l’article complet
  8. Black Desert Online will soon be festooned for Halloween with misty pathways and "creepy music" playing as holiday happenings descend. Players will be able to take on Isabella the Black Witch for some fantastic rewards as well as complete Halloween Challenges each day for coins, candy baskets and cookies. These special currencies can be exchanged at the White Witch for Cron Stones, Sharp Black Crystal Shards, Advice of Valks or a Fine Accessory Box. Afficher l’article complet
  9. Here’s an in-depth preview of some of the most exciting contents added with the Kamasylvia launch. Feast your eyes on the action-packed Altar of Training, the dreamy Tier 9 mount Arduanatt, and mystical but powerful Spirit Stones. Kamasylvia Part 1 opens doors wide for a whole new experience. 1. Coursers take flight to become Dream Horses! It’s safe to say Tier 8 Coursers were just the beginning to a whole new gen of fantastic rides. The Dream Horse, Arduanatt, not only has higher stats in Speed, Acceleration, Turn, Brake, but also has giant wings that will allow it to Glide down from high places. Awakening a Courser to a Dream Horse takes a lot of time and effort. You need to train the Courser well enough for it to be ready for the awakening. Courser Training requires special items. The special items are Pure Forest Breath, Rainbow Gem Fruit, Breezy Conch Seaweed, and Deep Blue Hoof Root ; they are obtainable through Gathering, Fishing, or generally killing monsters.. Use these items to boost the Courser’s Skill, Elegance, and Stamina. When the training stats from each category add up to 200% in total, the Courser is ready to try awakening into a Dream Horse. Beware, as each of the training categories cannot be raised beyond 100% and this means for you to reach 200% in total stats you will need at least two types of special items. Item Name How to Obtain Effects Pure Forest Breath Obtained at a constant rate upon Grinding Courser Stamina Training +1% Rainbow Gem Fruit Exchange for Shiny Golden Seals – [Imperial Delivery] X10 Courser Skill Training +1% Breezy Conch Seaweed Obtained at a constant rate upon Fishing Courser Elegance Training +1% Deep Blue Hoof Root Obtained at a constant rate upon Gathering Courser Stamina Training +1% If the total training stats for Courser’s Skill, Elegance, and Stamina have reached 200%, you need to have a ‘Krogdalo’s Origin Stone’ at hand to try awakening. Use Simple Alchemy to combine Swaying Wind Shards X25 and Rumbling Earth Shards X25, which you can obtain by exchanging <Shiny Golden Seals – [Imperial Delivery]> and <Horse Race Seal>, to obtain Krogdalo’s Origin Stone X1. 1 Krogdalo’s Origin Stone will be consumed for 1 awakening attempt, regardless of the result. If you fail to awaken the Courser, its stats for Skill, Elegance, and Stamina all get reset. If you used Cron Stones during your attempt at awakening the Courser, only 50% of the training stats will disappear. If you succeed in awakening your Tier 8 Courser, it will be reborn as Arduanatt the Dream Horse (Lv.1). Arduanatt has 3 innate skills: ‘Courser’s Spirit,’ which automatically recovers HP and Stamina of the horse when dismounted, ‘Double Jump’ which allow your horse to reach higher places for a longer glide, and the exciting ‘Wings of Wind’ which allows you to glide down gracefully. As the level of your Dream Horse increases, random skills can be obtained as you would with regular horses. ▲ Arduanatt the Dream Horse can glide down to make you feel like flying. 2. Altar of Training The Altar of Training is where descendants of the Goddess Sylvia go for their coming-of-age. Adventurers can form parties to pass the five training stages, battle the final Boss, and receive exclusive Rewards. How to Begin the Altar of Training There are currently 3 methods to participate in the Altar of Training. The first method is the through the Kamasylvia Main Quest. Using a Character that is Lv.58 and above to start the Kamasylvia Main Quest and completing up to the [Ancient Mirumok Ruins] Quest within in will enable you to accept NPC Milford’s [[Co-op] Proof of Courage] Quest. After accepting the Quest, interact with NPC Milford and use 10 Energy to get the Item ‘Valtarra : Introductory Training Manual.’ This Main Quest can be carried out only once per Character, so recurrence is unavailable. The second method is to carry out the Recurring Quest [[Training Quest] Valtarra – Ruins Sacrament]. A Character that is Lv.58 and above and has completed the last stage of the Kamasylvia Main Quest [Token of Lemoria Guards] can can carry out this Recurring Quest once every 3 days via NPC Milford. After accepting the Quest, interact with NPC Milford and use 100 Energy to get the Item ‘Valtarra : Training Manual.’ The final method is to carry out the Weekly Quest [[Training Quest]: Valtarra – To a Higher Place] . This can only be done by a Character that is Lv.58 and above, and has completed the [[Training Quest] Valtarra – Ruins Sacrament] from the second method. When you accept the Quest from NPC Milford , you will immediately get the ‘Valtarra: Advanced Training Manual’ Item. Right-click the Training Manual Item gained via any of the above methods to mark the location of the Altar and then Right-click the Training Manual again when you have arrived at the location to begin Altar of Training. These Training Manuals can only be used with by a party of 2 or more. Name Acceptance Conditions Reward Introductory Training Manual Lv.58 and above, [Ancient Mirumok Ruins] Quest Completed Combat EXP, Contribution EXP, Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor) Training Manual Lv.58 and above, [Token of Lemoria Guards] Quest Completed Combat EXP, Black Stone (Weapon) Black Stone (Armor), Hunter’s Seal, Forest Fury Advanced Training Manual Lv.58 and above, [[Training Quest] Valtarra – Ruins Sacrament] Quest Completed Valtarra Eclipsed Belt Courser Awakening Box, Black Stone (Armor), Black Stone (Weapon), Hunter’s Seal, Forest Fury, Gold Ingot, Valtarran Scattered Light Fragment ▲ The Locations of the Altar of Training and NPC Milford ▲ Soon after using the Altar of Training Item, Time Attack will begin. First, arrive at the ‘Valtarra – Altar of Training’ North of the Manshaum Forest and West of the Valtarra Mountains. Use the training manual items as a party and an introductory message will appear, beginning the first training stage. The objective of this Quest is to protect the summoned Sacraments from waves of monsters. If the Sacrament’s HP becomes depleted, you have failed the training. If you would like to try again, interact with NPC Milford and use Energy to receive the ‘Training Manual’ Item again. However, ‘Valtarra : Advanced Training Manual’ is only available through a weekly Recurring Quest so if you fail it, you will not be given a chance to try again. ▲ If you have failed the training , you must start over. The Altar of Training has five stages that that will begin sequentially without pause. After fighting the waves of monsters for awhile, there will be a message announcing that the second training stage will soon begin and directions will appear to arrive at the second training site. At the destination, another Sacrament will be summoned and monsters will try to destroy it, the same as before. Since the second training stage can begin before the first has be completed, if you abandon the first Sacrament because the second training stage has begun, the monsters left behind at the first training site will destroy the first Sacrament and you will fail. If there are too many monsters left at the first training site and you decide to stay, then the monsters at the second training site will destroy the second Sacrament and you will fail. Therefore, you must be able to complete the first training stage and get to the second training site before it’s too late. To be successful, it is useful to have party members with high AP and have many party members in general. During the first training stage, ‘Bounds of the Forest,’ Treants, Mimuroks, and other tree-like monsters will appear. As the stage nears its end, a Boss Dim Tree Spirit will appear and attack the adventurers. During second training stage, ‘Flying Maverick,’ Gargoyles, Harpies and other winged monsters will strike from the air, culminating with Boss King Griffin appearing. During the third training stage, ‘Earth’s Trial,’ Golems will attack, ending with Boss Moghulis appearing. Introduction to the Altar of Training will be complete after this third training stage. However, those participating in the Altar of Training and Advanced Altar of Training must go on to complete the fourth and fifth training stages. During the fourth training stage, ‘Verge of Death,’ Skeletons and Cultists will appear, followed by Boss Hexe Marie. During the final training stage, ‘Guardian of the Ruins,’ Hystria, Aakman, Hasrah, and other Ancient Weapons that appear around Ancient Ruins will attack, and the final Boss Ancient Puturum will try to finish you. If you successfully protect all five Sacraments, the training will be complete and you can receive EXP and other great rewards from NPC Milford. ▲ No time to rest! The next training stage has already begun. Follow the location guide. ▲ Working together with your party members is crucial. ▲ If you successfully defend the Sacrament, the Boss will appear. ▲ Tremble before the final Boss ‘Ancient Puturum’ Reward for Completing the Altar of Training The Altar of Training boasts a higher difficulty than the usual or Boss Summon Scroll fights. Especially, if you are doing the ‘Valtarra : Advanced Training Manual,’ even with five skilled adventurers completing the final stage will not be easy. However, keep in mind the exclusive rewards for completing the training! The Altar of Training gives great rewards befitting its high difficulty. Introduction to Altar of Training, a part of of the Kamasylvia Main Quest, has the following rewards for quest completion: Combat EXP, Contribution EXP, Black Stone (Weapon) X5, and Black Stone (Armor) X5. Altar of Training, which recurs every three days, gives the Combat EXP and ‘Valtarra Training Reward Bundle’ rewards. From this Bundle, you can receive Black Stone (Weapon), Black Stone (Armor), Hunter’s Seal, and Forest Fury. The Advanced Altar of Training, which recurs once per week, doesn’t have additional rewards. However, you will receive a special Seal Item after defeating the boss of each training level. These Seal Items can be combined to create a Token Item. Right-clicking each Token Item in the Inventory will give you a Quest. The Quest can be completed by interacting with NPC Milford and you will receive a Reward Bundle corresponding to the Token Item. If you open the Reward Bundle, you will receive a Valtarran Scattered Light Fragment. However, there is a certain chance that you will drop the Courser Awakening Box. If you collect Valtarran Scattered Light Fragments X20, you can exchange them for a Valtarra Eclipsed Belt via NPC Milford. You also have a slight chance of getting a ‘Valtarra Eclipsed Belt’ from the Reward Bundle. STEP 1. Obtain Seal Defeat the first training stage Boss → Valtarra : Forest Seal Defeat the second training stage Boss → Valtarra : Sky Seal Defeat the third training stage Boss → Valtarra : Earth Seal Defeat the forth training stage Boss → Valtarra : Death Seal Defeat the fifth training stage Boss, Guardian of the Ruins → Valtarra : Ruins Seal STEP 2. Combine Seals Forest Seal + Sky Seal = Valtarra : Sky Token Forest Seal + Sky Seal + Earth Seal = Valtarra : Earth Token Forest Seal + Sky Seal + Earth Seal + Death Seal = Valtarra : Death Token Forest Seal + Sky Seal + Earth Seal + Death Seal + Ruins Seal = Valtarra : Token of Ruins STEP 3. Accept Quest Using Token Right-click the Token STEP 4. Complete Quest and Receive Reward Receive the Reward Bundle from NPC Milford after completing the Quest. 3. A substitute for Alchemy Stone, Spirit Stone If you find Crafting or Growing an Alchemy Stone troublesome, we suggest you give Spirit Stones a try. It is a type of Alchemy Stone that cannot be recharged. Because a Spirit Stone cannot be recharged, when its Durability is depleted it can no longer be used. It is also not as effective as an Alchemy Stone. However, it has the advantage of being easier to get than an Alchemy Stone. While it is impossible to Craft a Spirit Stone, you can still receive it as a Quest Reward or by defeating Monsters in Kamasylvia. You can use a Spirit Stone the same way as an Alchemy Stone. If you Right-click the Spirit Stone in your Inventory, it will appear in the Alchemy Stone Slot. This means you will not be able to use it simultaneously with an Alchemy Stone. To use the Spirit Stone, press the key. ▲ Green Grade Spirit Stone’s effect. The durability of each stone starts at 50, and each time it is used the durability will decrease by one. ▲ Blue Grade Spirit Stone’s effect. It’s maximum Durability is also 50, but it has a greater variety of effects when used. Afficher l’article complet
  10. Dans Black Desert, les « enchères de luxe » permettent aux joueurs les plus fortunés d'acquérir des objets rares, voire uniques dans le MMO. Au prix d'une intense lutte financière, un joueur coréen vient d'acquérir l'unique exemplaire du Cauchemar d'Arduanatt. Afficher l’article complet
  11. The Black Desert Online team has released a brand new trailer for the annual Halloween extravaganza taking place on a "strange wonderland" that is discovered traveling through wormholes created when the Red Moon warps and twists spacetime". Afficher l’article complet
  12. Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Afficher l’article complet
  13. Want to introduce your friend to Black Desert or need a fresh start? The Steam Version of Black Desert is on sale at the moment. The Basic Game, the Travelers and the Explorers Package are 40% off until October 2nd. Afficher l’article complet
  14. After the completion of today's maintenance, Black Desert Online players will be able to journey to the Elven lands of Kamasylvia in the first part of the expansion's release. It is the homeland of the Ranger and Dark Knight archetypes as well as the location of the Old Wisdom Tree. Afficher l’article complet